Details about the MountainData project and Roadmap.

MountainData is a pioneer project, bringing together the text storage and the blockchain technology for a regular use.

For most of the people, the blockchain technology is yet pretty complicated to use.
That's why we aim to provide a solution to make it easy : take the advantages and remove all the inconvenient.

This project allows anyone to write and read data on the blockchain, and use it for any purpose :
- Publish text, notes, articles, links & more
- Share the data, for example with a direct link or by providing the unique ID entry
- Access the data through any website, App or webApp with API.

With our blockchain data writer, absolutely no skill is required, it's transparent, you're using a regular public database like any other.
But of course with the benefits of a decentralized storage : free of maintenance cost and censorship proof.

Plus, we consider that privacy is important: we don't keep any user data, log or IP, nor using any tracker.
We've only just begun, way more tools are coming to complete this tool and make it more interesting. Stay tuned!

2019-2020 | release v1.0
Initial project - Blockchain data writer
dApp, custom API
Data search by Address, ID, Keyword.
Compatibility with mobile OS
Website, social media

2020 | Coming soon
Enhanced functionalities
Reputation for data entries
Tools for mass import/export
Decentralized index
Address subscription
Encrypted data
Automatic publication by subscription
WYSIWYG editor
PDF upload