Privacy policy

MountainData doesn't host any data.
All the data are written on the Waves Blockchain by a smart contract (decentralized application, dApp).
The smart contract is public. Anyone can anonymously interact with it, with or without the help of MountainData.ch

By using MountainData BDW, the dApp and by so the transactions are operated by Wavesplatform.com
The web wallet waves.exchange is also managed by Wavesplatform.

As described in the FAQ, MountainData's BDW service can be used 60 times with $1.

To use the dApp, the only address where funds are needed is your own address.
Proceed with caution with your funds : We won't ever ask you to transfer some funds for any reason.
Proceed also with caution with your seed : We won't ever ask for your seed. It must remain private.

MountainData can't be hold responsible for any fund loss.

MountainData is committed to user's data protection and by so :
- No user account on MountainData are necessary to use our service.
- We do not keep trace of any interaction with MountainData's website.
- We do not store any informations about our users.
- We do not use any tracker from Google or any other GAFAM.

For now, the API access is full and unlimited. In the future, we might consider fixing some limit by IP according to the trafic.