MountainData is the first Blockchain Data Writer (BDW)
It's a tool (dApp) to write some publications, articles, links or any texts on the Waves blockchain.
This blockchain is public, which means the published data are accessible by anyone.
With this tool, your data will remain forever and will never be lost or deleted. Also, it is censorship proof.

You can instantly retrieve your data by searching your public address or the ID if you know it. There is also a search and an API.
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You need to log into your Waves account and fund it with at least 0.015 Waves (0.015 USD)
0.01 Waves is our commission and 0.005 is the network fee.
We recommend 1 Waves (1 USD) so you have enough funds to insert 60 entries.

Recommended browsers: Google chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari v12
Brave and Safari v13 are for now not compatible with the Waves Signer.

A Waves account is a cryptocurrency account from Waves blockchain.
Each account have a different and unique address, example : 3PEGHv1JGjcWNpYEEkif2w8XXV4kbhnOGgu

Creating an account is free and doesn't require any information like name, phone or e-Mail.
However, as described on the previous section, you will need to fund your account.

Remember that your Seed must remain private and properly backed up.
As described in the Policy, proceed with caution with your funds and never give your seed to anyone.

You can buy some Waves on different websites, here is a guide.
If you already own some cryptocurrency, you can deposit BTC, ETH, LTC (+ many others) on your Waves wallet. Then you can use the Waves Exchange to buy some Waves. Exchange demo

MountainData BDW is working through a dApp, decentralized application, or SmartContract.
Anyone, anywhere in the world can interact with the dApp
It helps you to write some data directly in the blockchain.

When you do so, some fees are needed by the network to secure the transaction and proceed the writing.
The data entry will then be stored in the blockchain forever, without any other fees.

You can build your own personnal database! Why is it interesting ?
You don't need to run a server
No maintenance
No recurrent fees
Awesome isn't it ? :)

No. The data sent on the blockchain are immutable.

No. The data sent on the blockchain are immutable.

The best way is to keep the account address used to insert the data. With this address, you can get back all the entries you sent.
To help you remember the account address, you can create an alias for your address
If you know the ID of your data, you can search for it here Search by ID
If you used a specific keyword or nickname, you can search for it here Search by Keyword

MountainData have a lot of use cases. First of all, it is your own fully decentralized database. You can use it to store any (non private) information that you don't want to lose. These data are forever accessible by multiple ways : By your own website, webApp, app or even Waves dApp. Example, if your website host links or articles, you can easily move these elements on the blockchain by using the MountainData BDW, and get your element through the API. As these records will stay there forever, it's secure, costless and don't require any maintenance.

MountainData can be used as a proof of source, to certify that an article, link or memo is an original one and has not been counterfeit or updated by someone else.

MountainData can be used as a proof of authenticity. Let’s say we’re in 2008 and you just run bitcoin.exe for the first time. You can use MountainData to write « I am Satoshi and I’ve just run the first Bitcoin node with bitcoin.exe for the first time. » As there is a transaction timestamp, that would have been an immutable certification that you are Satoshi.

In the same mind, a watchmaker will be able to certify his watches and publish updates when maintenance occur. So there's no doubt about the origin of the product and how it has been maintained. MountainData can be used as a link database. If your website is using a collection of links, you might consider storing them in the blockchain to secure them. With the API, your website can retrieve your links easily and without any cost. If your website is using a great amount of links, you can cache them to make it quicker and sync them periodically.

If you are a journalist or a political opponent in a country without freedom of speech, you might consider using MountainData to publish your articles or news. MountainData is censorship resistant : No one can prevent you from publishing informations, nor can anyone stop people from reading it. Any question regarding this use case, feel free to contact our Press contact. This contact will help you to publish safely and protect your identity.

If you are a Waves dApp developer, you can use MountainData tu create a static oracle that is static and immuable. It's quicker and cheaper than create a custom dApp, insert the parameter, and secure it.

MountainData can be used as a memo database that will never disappear. So if there is something you want to remember forever this is the right tool.

Yes there is an API. You can use MountainData to get data from from the blockchain for your own website, webApp, App or even Waves dApp.
We will release all the sources so you can build your own API with your own server :)

You can get data from an ID, and list data from a specific account address. See API for more informations.

Waves is an open source platform and decentralised environment for Web 3.0 applications, offering a wide range of purpose-designed tools for making the process of developing and running dApps easy and accessible.
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The data are stored in the Waves blockchain.

MountainData is a BDW tool that allow you to easily write data on the blockchain and enjoy the benefits of blockchain.
But it's important to understand that anyone with Wavesplatform skills can interact with the smart contract (dApp) from any computer.
It's not even necessary to open MountainData website or API. It's fully decentralized!

The principle of any blockchain is that all the transactions are immutable.
When you write some data, it's a transaction, so it's permanent and can't be updated or deleted. So mind what you're doing ;)

MountainData is not responsible if you write some sensitive data or illegal content in the blockchain. Proceed with caution!
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Waves is an open source platform and decentralised environment for Web 3.0 applications, offering a wide range of purpose-designed tools for making the process of developing and running dApps easy and accessible.
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